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KSHF. The Korean of Heart Fallure


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Welcome to the website of
the Korean Society of Heart Failure.

With the increased onset of chronic disease and an aging population, incidences of heart failure are becoming even more commonplace, resulting in a deeper social problem. This research society will build and provide general information such as diagnosis, treatment, prevention and management of heart failure, as well as scientific evidence and clinical information to the public and professionals. We were established in May 2003 to also improve the knowledge and networks among our members.

For the last ten years, through ongoing academic symposiums, we exchanged multidisciplinary insights and the latest trends about heart failure, in order to contribute to the development of treatments and individualized prevention. Since the successful events of the Japan-Korea Heart Failure Symposium and the 5th Asian-Pacific Congress of Heart Failure, our society has become internationally acknowledged and has established a leadership role and global network in the heart failure field. Also, through joint research efforts among multicenters, we analyzed statistics and the overall treatment status among heart failure patients in Korea as a means to help with patient management in clinical settings, pursuant to the publishing of a standardized clinical treatment manual.
This society will introduce and share the registration status of domestic and international heart failure patients, in addition to recent research results and education material for members to communicate and share information with one another.

From now on, we will try to expand our society in quantitative and qualitative measures, build research infrastructure and network for more active heart failure research efforts and facilitate international networking into becoming a more distinct and productive global society.

The ultimate goal of this society is to develop policies that can reduce the incidence of heart failure by managing heart failure patients and the promotion of public health. We will be the cornerstone of improving medical care quality, public health and global health through the active participation of our members and other interested individuals.

We would appreciate your continued interest and participation in our society and the Korean Society of Heart Failure will continually endeavor to further evolve as an organization.

Dong-Ju Choi, MD/PhD
The Korean Society of Heart Failure